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A President for All Americans

Today i see so many Americans celebrating and of course what a better place to see them than in Washington Square Park.

This might seem like a celebration for Biden but if you listen more carefully you will notice that it's all about Trump... Again!

People say that trump is a clown in advertisements and then boards. Clowns are a bit

misunderstood. A few years ago I watched a video on youtube about the great clown

Sasha Baron Cohen. The Borat. That's an amazing video showing how the clown, Borat uses psychological techniques to make people do silly things. Certainly worth watching in full. Let's see what it says about the clown.

"The Clown was created as a buffoonish companion to the harlequin. Their physical comedy left a trail of destruction behind them."

I'm wondering how many times did Trump make you feel like you were watching a Borat movie. That uncomfortable feeling between embarrassment and surprise. The one that you want to shake off with a laugh but you can't really.

"That's because by incorporating a racial stereotype, nationalism or sexuality a clown can

reveal prejudices better than most"

Trump revealed the country's shadow the. Shadow in psychology is "the unconscious aspect of the personality that the conscious self does not identify in itself". It's the one that makes the highly educated democrats and republicans and the media feel embarrassed. Trump showed people parts of themselves their families even the American history that they are not that proud about.

What I read into people's excitement is relief. Relief because we get back to boring

politics. Relief because no Borat will be jumping every day on our evening news making us feel uncomfortable. As if not seeing him will make it "disappear one day it's like a miracle it

will disappear".

Trump might go away but 70 million people said something for a second time. Despite Covid, recession, the scandals, each one of which would be enough to make him lose 10 million more people than last time voted for him.

The crisis is real and hiding it only slows the process down. Acceptance and integration are the steps forward and in that sense I'm happy to hear Biden say that he's "a president for all Americans". But it makes me wonder how he will be a president for the racist American, the imperialistic American, the American who hates abortion?

A president for all Americans is a very difficult job. if Biden or anyone else manages to do it, then i will be very very very happy!

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