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I Figured Out Halloween

Hi. I used to not get Halloween, but this year suddenly it started making sense. How did this happen? I mean, don't get me wrong. I have been celebrating along with everybody else wear costumes and have fun, but there was always something missing this year. It all started in a place called Sleepy Hollow. It's a town by the river in upstate New York. It seems pretty normal, but look at their ambulance. It is spooky, isn't it? That's because Sleepy Hollow is a Halloween city. Everything is super decorated and there is crazy party going on during the period of the Halloween. I will link a video with everything you need to know about that place. It's beautiful, but it's so crowded. You might have trouble finding anything to do there. You have to book much in advance, Bonus points for the excellent sunset.

So I definitely want to go back there because with a little bit more scheduling, it'll be fantastic. But here in New York, Halloween is everywhere. So I bet I can find something equaly strong by going five minutes away with OneWheel in each direction. Let's go and figure that out. So I thought what I did is super novel, but actually it almost has a name, it turns out Society for Clinton Hill, 27th annual Halloween Walk. And it seems like what intuitively looked to me as the best streets to visit actually is the core Halloween walk area. Okay, to make it more interesting, let's run a little competition. Who is the best in Clinton Hill? Those guys are really nice. Lots of dinosaurs. Maybe not the spookiest. Not the spookiest yet. There is a great funny video from the Daily Show that explains the history of Halloween. It's a Celtic celebration that became popular by Irish immigrants. Nowadays, it doesn't have any strong tradition connotations. So we basically celebrate nothing, right? I really like St. James Street, there's always something cool going on here. Oh my God, look at this. So it seems to me like those guys have a little competition here. This is super spooky, I have to say. But the guys on the other side have really taken it to the next level.

Okay, If this isn't impressive, then what is I'm not sure they're going to be the winners. Let's see further. Okay, hold this in your memory. I'm going to get back to it in a minute. Okay, so this is as far as we go with St. James Street, but you can't really call a winner before you visit Washington Street. So Washington Street is spooky by itself. It's one of the most beautiful streets here, here. But during Halloween, it becomes something else. In Washington Avenue, you see everything. There are decorations that are somewhat traditional monsters, skeletons, spiders. I think I would never go to this dentist. This is Spooky. Others are very dark or sometimes even more playful. Interesting that something simple like this is actually quite frightening. That's spooky. That's Washington Avenue. And it might all look scary and weird. You can look and admire the decorations. But on Halloween day, October 31st, this becomes the canvas where people of all ages walk and meet each other. Children wear costumes, play treat or trick, collect candies and make invaluable memories. That is, I feel, the essence of Halloween. Dead Zombie Band. That's cool.

It's impressive how much collaboration this takes. And it's not coordinated by something, it's just people doing what they like, trying to make something that makes them proud. Okay, a witch got stuck in the tree. Okay, This is a bit annoying because you can't have a number one without a viable number two, a good competitor anyway. But I think I might have found a competitor. Look at these beautiful mermaid skeletons.


Beautiful. Oh, look at this. Look at this

Look. Look at the details. Beautiful. Okay, now it becomes hard to decide who is number one and who is number two.

Can you see that big cat over there?

Okay, so this enormous cat over here is certainly one of my favorite places. Venmo the cat. Okay, so Green and Adelphi street. Certainly my number two with the impressive cats and all and certain number one in terms of classy, really artistic type of horror spooky Halloween. Guess, where I found a similar cat. St. James and Lafayette. Not sure if they have the same size, but definitely this one turns its head and we are slowing getting back to gates. And that was about it. Let me check one last place where typically they have some really cool stuff.

Yeah, So this place right here, I'm not sure exactly what it is. Look at this, it turns its head.

That's funny. Look at that detail over there. Seriously, spooky. Same place just after Halloween. Look how boring. And one of the things I observe is that if one of the guys has some great decoration, usually this influences the guys across. Okay, Do you remember this photo? Let's get back to this. Okay. I think

This kind of explains everything.

So it turns out that in St. James there is a huge party a few days before the Halloween. Everybody is having the time of their lives and I had to fight to get Orestes back because a ghost stole him. Look at our number one place.

Okay, I think day and night. This is the clear winner. It's even spookier with all the smoke the night.

And here's how it all looks at the night of Halloween.

Even if it rains, people were out. Okay. so finally Halloween. I think at the end, it's just a way to celebrate and certainly it's a way for people to come together, put some extra effort, show personality, decorate their houses. So I think mostly is a way for people to have fun here, and I really enjoy that. But this one is too warm. Oh my God. Okay guys, so this was a little Halloween special. I hope you liked it. Let's go unbox, some Meta Quest Pro. Exciting! See you next time.

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