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Just Finished the First Home Made NeuroBeat Board

I bet you don't know what this is. That's because I just designed and manufactured this board. Here's the thing I have never done before. I use a stencil to spread the solder paste. This way you put just the right amount and reflow works well. Then I started placing the 123 components. This took pretty much two hours. By far the most difficult was this audio codec, which is tiny. Then I inspected everything thoroughly and discovered that I forgot the NeoPixel LEDs. So these were the last components I put and turned out to be less a trouble than I expected. Reflow was fast and easy. I have practiced that before with two other boards. So this is the first NeuroBeat board. Everything looks mechanically solid. I had to do some rework and hand solder a few through-hole components, two of which were in the bottom side. And guess what? It even runs software! Can you believe that?

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