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This Is Why I Really like Sudoku!

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

Hello there,

I have to admit, I really love Sudoku!

You know, in contrast to a video game, this is given to you from the beginning. So it's like if you get the entire map and the game is there, it's fixed, but as you play the game, it changes. So it starts very easy with the easy numbers and then it gets difficult where you have to make very complex computations to find out what the number is. And at the end it becomes a shoot 'em up. So very quickly you can find all the final numbers and you feel this feeling of success. I can spend hours playing Sudoku, and it's always at that challenge level that it's in front of you and you cannot find it. And you struggle a little bit. And the more you play, you start seeing different patterns and things that were impossible or very hard to find before now become just trivial.

Okay. So here is one. So one cannot be here or here. So one is here vertically, right? So that means that one can't be here and cannot be here. So one is none of those. So one of those, and one of those this means that one is in one of those two and here we can only have one here. so actually one is exactly here.

It's all about seeing the invisible!

Of course, then you move to the next level and then you have to start all over again, trying to find even more advanced patterns. I even found this technique that I can put an overhead slide on top of it and try different experiments at the very end when things are, turn out to be combinatorial for example,

here in this box, that can be either six or nine. So let's assume it's six and see where it gets us. Okay. Oops. If we solve this this way, we see that four is here and four is here. So that's not a six. So now we can erase it and erase all the other numbers. And we can go to see if the alternative works. And yes, this proves to work.

This makes me solve and discover patterns on puzzles that otherwise I wouldn't be able to solve. So yeah, I find it fascinating, a simple paper game that can keep me engaged and excited for hours. I really love Sudoku

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