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TinkerCAD: Fast and Easy Enclosure Design for my Project

After many months of designing my NeuroBet project, picking the parts, the schematic, and the PCP design, I finally sent the four layer PCP order to PCB, way to manufacture its first version, the next step, is to, design an enclosure. And I thought this would take days, but this wasn't the case. With Tinker Card, I was able to quickly import from KeyCad, the simplified 3D model of the board with all the key components. Then by looking up some manuals and taking some measurements, I was able to design in less than four hours something that I have reasonable confidence that's going to work. The top the bottom market to be clear acrylic from Ponoko and the side will be 3D printed with PLA from MakeLab. This is version one. I'm sure that many things will go wrong, but I'm very happy with the results I was able to get so quickly.

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