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December - You Don't Need Therapy. All You Need Is Your Tribe.

December. UK was the first to approve the vaccine. That was great news. It was also the first to get the new strain. At about the same time we were both signing more contracts for the apartment and creating videos for the Architectural Kata of O'Reilly. A global competition of a hundred teams in which we won the highly commended place. Because of the video.

For the highly commended winner, we are selecting and have chosen Jiakaturi congratulations. I want your team to work on every single one of the projects that I work on to create a presentation for what the vision is.

This video took days of work, but I was so happy about it. In terms of the apartment I'm so excited. And I want to see how much this will change us. We have signed up for a crazy 2021 by doing so. That's for sure. New York is getting really cold and there's some snow. Oh, I love the Hero 9 slow mo and how easy it is to use. More walks in the winter New York. And you can see the ingenious, let's call it, outdoor dining that restaurant owners invented. I don't know which grumpy grandpa got satisfied to see indoor dining close but three weeks later the numbers show that it made no difference. It just forced more small businesses to close. And yes, more games, the Cyberpunk 2077 release which is so buggy, but a cool one. Love in the time of COVID and the Bitcoin video. Lots of fun. More advanced video gear and less advanced video gear. Everything to make video making somewhat faster and easier. A quick Christmas visit to New Haven, the Yale city. Some pretty nice drone shots. And that brings us to the end of 2020.

At the beginning of this year, I had two therapists. Not that we were working on something specific, just, you know, self-improvement. It was an ongoing effort to cope and fit-in. Become better with people, I guess. Understand their point of view. Between March and August, I've let both of them go. My to-do list was full of interesting exciting things to do. Inventing problems and solving them during a season while my day was so short, felt like a waste of time. Don't get me wrong. I will do it again when I find time and it's super great and useful luxary. It's just that it was noise at that moment in time compared to all the things that were going on. On the 11th of December on the Daily Stoic Journal, there was a question that broke me. It asked, are you living with dignity and courage? Sure I am in a literal sense. But in a more philosophical context the answer to this question is absolutely not.

I have tried for way too many years to fit-in. But I can't and I shouldn't. I'm a nerd and a geek. I'm somewhat snobbish and elitist. I hate boring, stupid conversations. I totally hate old hierarchical structures that are dead from the inside, but still survive due to inertia. And we have plenty of them around. They give us money and laws and salaries. I love it when they work, but I hate when they don't and they don't way too often. Broken things are broken. Many problems don't have any satisfactory for me solution yes. I don't need to pretend everything is okay. Nothing is okay. Are things bad? No, they aren't bad either. They're getting better and the worse every day. Things change and it's okay. And I'm okay too. My ideas are also okay. All I want is to find more like-minded people. People of my tribe so we can do many great things together. You're likely, okay, too. You don't need self-improvement. You don't need therapy. All you need is your tribe. And that was December. Cold New York, vaccines, and you don't need therapy, all you need is your tribe. Thanks for watching.

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