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Film in the Metaverse - Meta Quest Pro for Filmmakers

Hello. In this video I'm going to show you how to use Meta Quests Pro in the three virtual screens It has when you are on set in order to film and actually as a director know exactly what's going on. I'm always looking for new ways to, increase productivity while on set. I have set up, for example, this little remote screen and it really has saved me lots of time. And I give this to the director and he knows exactly what the angles look like. This works fine with one camera, but what happens if I have two cameras? If we want the director to check both cameras, we would need two screens. And of course, when there is very little space, what can you do? This is the answer. So I have here quite a bit of hardware. I have the two cameras. I said before I have this remote monitor and here I have a Black Magic ATEM Mini that allows me to switch between the two angles instantly.

or, of course, with different effects. Finally, I have something quite crazy, which is an instant replay. You can see here. you see those cameras and recording gear are optimized for recording stuff, but their playback usually sucks. You have to click the little play button. If you have an HDMI cable connected, the playback will go just to the HDMI and not the small screen so you don't know what's going on. It's impossible to jog because you can use the little buttons, but it's nearly impossible. And this means that on set, we almost never get playbacks. This device definitely is going to help me. This changes the playbook speed, and this helps you jog faster. So this is more or less my live workflow. I have one, two cameras. They come to the ATEM mini and then they go to the recorder and then they go to this remote module that sends to this screen. That's all cool and nice. Now what we have here as an extra that makes all the difference, it's a few HDMI screen capture devices. So I take the signal from both cameras and this output and I send them to my MacBook Pro and you guessed it right

Okay. So you can see right now I have enabled the pass-through mode. So this is me over there. But with the pass-through mode, we get to augmented reality. So we can see the environment around here. My hands blending between the virtual and the real, and let's go open Horizon Workrooms.

Okay. So you can see here my office and my desk, and you can see that I have opened up this space. And I can also turn it off, right? So this is my desk, but I can bring in the image from the cameras so I can see what's going on and I control those devices easily. You can see here how nice and fun it is when my virtual hands blend with my real ones through this gap. It's pretty crazy technology. And so I'm connecting now to MacBook Pro. Okay. And I can start using those screens. So click, I can create one more virtual desktop and one more virtual desktop. So now I have three virtual desktops in front of me, and I can start positioning there various screens. So here is the wide angle here. In the screen number one, and then this is my output screen, and in the middle is my closeup. Okay.

So now you can see that by switching between two and three, I can switch the output over there. So as a director, I can see the two angles there, I can see they look good, and I can actually preview and send to my editor, Hey, you know, I want this angle. and then, and then, and then there is a mistake. So cut to the other angle and continue like nothing happened. And then, and then there's another mistake. So cut again and we continue like that so I can pre-edit pretty much and give my editor at very least a rough output of what we want there. Okay, so let's turn this on now and see how the workflow changes. So assume that I am now live on set and I can see myself there with the closeup cut. Now we want to see if we recorded exactly what we expected. So what we can do is we can switch here to replay. And now this screen, can you see, it's now not live me. It's actually me on a replay. Okay. I can adjust the play back this clap. Is it okay or not? If only I could zoom in, that would be amazing.

So this is the idea behind the instant replay, I can see exactly what I have, I can go frame by frame, look if they look good, and then from replay, we can switch back to the livestream and then shoot the next scene. I hope you can see how exciting all this technology is. And basically, it's not really some huge breakthrough apart from the fact that you can have the laptop have three virtual screens, in Meta Quest Pro and the other Meta Quest devices, right? But apart from that, basically it's USB->HDMI devices and cameras and three windows of QuickTime over there. Of course here, those are quite advanced. Basically what we do is we take technologies from broadcasting and we start using them on set in order to make sure we have exactly the views and the angles we want. Everybody's on the same page about the footage as we have, and we get the best quality results out. I hope you find this useful. Thanks for watching.

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