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Got to 10! Now What?

Okay guys so this is an interesting little video

I'm shooting here playing with those new lights and you see you can make all those different reflections and make it look quite interesting. And this is shot with a GoPro hero 9 and it has external microphone and the media kit. So the sound sounds hopefully quite good. And you can see those lights here, and you can see this is the effect you can create with a blue over there and actually white with some yellow on the other side.

Anyway so not many new videos lately and the reason is that it's getting actually quite confusing on what should be next. You start creating those videos. I made it to 10 so I have 10 videos right now in this channel.

And you know i have to complain a bit. The internet used to be a fun place where you could do your thing and now it has changed so much. It's all an advertising place so i have to compete with Coca-Cola and amazon and all the other companies for basically your attention. And your attention is all the time sold with advertising in Facebook and in Google.

It's crazy really you can't really express yourself anymore. You have all the time to think about the commercial aspects of your message and this is very annoying.

Also some of the videos I have have what the algorithms classify as "Social Issues". So basically not talking about cats and dogs. You might have even seen the recent video about algorithms and sometimes being racist. I mean just a mention of the word racist means that your video will not get promoted by any means and you will find a hard time advertising it. And so again and again like the question comes like - Why do i do all this thing?

There are many directions one can take it from there. Certainly i want to improve the script. So that's one thing but another thing is

also all the visuals the images the audio as well. You know do you want to take the video closer to photography and make it impressive? Do you want to shoot outdoors or indoors? Do you want to be more on YouTube or on Facebook?

And I'm trying to figure all this out and this is why you don't see so many videos in the last one and half week. That said there are no videos in the channel but there are videos i submitted one competition about software engineering and we actually won. They created a new category in order to award it to us because we created the best video there. So certainly the video skills start to show up on other domains of my life and this is pretty awesome.

Anyway I'm sure I will figure it out soon and i will be back for more. I can't wait.

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  • GoPro Hero 9

  • HERO9 Black Camera Media Mod

  • Pixel - RGB Led Photography Lighting

  • Comica CVM-WM100

  • AKG C111 LP

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