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Introduction to Personal Finance Club

Hello guys. So this is Dimitris here, and I think you all know how much I like personal finance as a concept. And as soon as I read Robert Kiyosaki's "Rich dad, Poor dad" back in 2006 I think like it made the whole world of difference to me, amazing book, and I would like to talk to you about a course, which is called personal finance club. And those guys don't pay me a thing. Actually, I have paid and I am their student. And I believe that it's one of the best thing one can do in the U.S. especially if they are living in the U.S. For their personal finances. Because there are so many little tricks that people don't know and really sacrifice their financial wellbeing, which eventually means freedom, by not knowing this stuff. So it's a terrible idea to not know basic things about finance and, this is exactly what personal finance club tries to teach.

And you can see here, their website. Nothing fancy. So you go like, Hmm, are they trying really to sell something? And the fact is, they try to sell and they try to sell this course that you see over here. But let's understand a little bit who built this website. So this is Jeremy and he retired back in 2017. And now you will say he retired, actually, he sold his software company for quite a few millions, and so you would say, why does he do that now that he retired? Then the answer is, why am I creating this video? Because I think we both believe that those things are important for people to know. So we're trying to do some good here. And so let's go back to the course and try to understand what, it tries to teach, and here you can see a landing page quite nice, okay. It sells the idea of retirement, I think. And, um, you can see that it's about index funds, but it's not just index funds. It also talks a lot about saving on taxes, which is important as well. And you can see here, it's a course with quizzes and very nice graphics, and it's easy to go through it. It's probably two, three hours of content, and it talks about mutual funds, ETFs stocks, and bonds. Now, if you know me, you know, that I like much more risk than those things. But this is not because I discount those instruments actually, for most people who are not somewhat in the finance industry, probably those are the best options to get started with, and everybody's portfolio should have some of those as well. But you can see here also 40 minutes on taxes and types of accounts. They teach you how to open a Fidelity account to be able to trade stocks for yourself. And you can see here, the prices around $80, which is almost like no-brainer for me. And you can see how the structure is from inside. Probably this will change in the future

"the median American household income is about 4,000 a month so"

Okay, and of course you can put it in 2x speed. I always like to do that. And, yeah, so you can see what this is about. And actually right now, I would like to give through this YouTube channel five of those subscriptions for free, to people who send me an email. Obviously, if you see this video more than a few days later, probably have already given those away. But if you are one of the lucky guys, let's say, you know, and you see this on the first few days, yeah, so five of those subscriptions will be yours. Those are lifetime subscriptions so you never have to pay anything else after that, so effectively it's completely for free.

But if you take those, please just go through the course because it's a good one. And send me an email to tell me how it changed your life, if it changed your life. And that's all I wanted to say, personal finance club, and thanks for watching.

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