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Is New York Presbyterian Labor & Delivery that Good?

So this guy is called Orestes and he's five days old now, and this is his first public YouTube appearance.

He was born in the Presbyterian hospital here in New York and the guys there were so good that I thought I should talk about that.

First of all, we would like to say a big thank you to Dr. Wu and the entire team. They have been outstanding, very helpful, making sure that everything goes fine and with as little pain as possible. And there was lots of space and that is great. Because you know, friends have told me that those places are very hectic, very small but there was lots of space for us and for the baby and for the machines and for everything. And this is good because you can film with less wide lenses that, you know, they have better picture and everything.

I'm just kidding. So very attentive personnel free parking for the day you leave, which is important. Everybody is super expert. There are lots of things that actually, you might not know. So if you ask you might get many services that you didn't know you could have actually. So there is the little nursery where you can give the child and have some sleep. There is also a great coffee shop and mini restaurant on the second floor that really helps. So yeah, overall great hospital, amazing views by the way, great atmosphere. Yeah, absolutely highly recommended. And that's the new for now, Orestes is saying, bye. Say bye.

Bye. Bye guys.

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