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Lost Connections and the Pandemic of Loneliness

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

"Hello i'm Fred,

I lived in savannas in Africa a long time ago and I'm very happy

I have a tribe

We serve their food and take care of each other

We are able to kill big animals because we cooperate

And best of all i get great sleep every night

Because I feel safe

because my tribe

watches my back

by the way I'm hardly conscious of myself

I'm not just a team player

My survival depends on the team

I can't even imagine myself without the tribe

Being alone for an hour would make me very scared

I would become hyper vigilant trying to protect myself

out of all the dangers out there

That's because sooner or later alone means I will become a meal

That simple

So much better with my tribe"

Our physical body and our DNA doesn't evolve that fast

thousands of years later i grew up with my family and friends

I was happy. They were watching my back.

But times changed I got busy

They got busy

We got lost

And without knowing exactly why, I'm getting more worried

I'm getting more stressed and more axious

And sometimes more sad

If I go to the doctor they will likely tell me that I'm low in serotonin

and they will try to give me antidepressants.

Those have been proven not to be any better than placebo.

I will try to find the relief by working harder,

spending more or obsessing on things over the internet

or my children.

Seeing enemies all around

But what if I don't miss actually success and money

but all I feel is that I miss my tribe

Since my body hasn't evolved that much

It might be feel the same danger it felt when it was alone

in the savannas in Africa

I'm actually scared I will become a meal

I was walking up park cabin when i heard this story

It's in the seventh chapter of "lost connections"

A great audiobook

I was stunned

Urbanization advertising and debt

set the scene for an unprecedented pandemic of loneliness

Between 1985 and 1995 community activities fell by 50 percent

At about the same time the symptoms of depression skyrocketed.

Social media is one of the ways we discovered to feel less lonely.

But nothing seems to work great

What can we do about it?

I don't know I haven't read the rest of the book yet!

Stop watching videos and go read lost connections.

A real masterpiece by Johann Hari

Thanks for watching

Thanks for sharing

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