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M1 MacBook Pro 14" Unboxing Feels so Different

This Mac, it doesn't do it right now. I bought a MacBook pro with M1 Chip 32 GBs of Ram and all that Jazz about a month ago. and arrived almost a week ago. And guess what? I haven't opened it yet. How weird is that? Me and a new laptop and no anticipation and no excitement. Yes. This Mac feels pretty different. I always had a weird relationship with new Macs. I bought my first one back in 2012. I was 30 years old. That's a late start. I was pretty much a very Windows and Linux guy up to that point,

But I was convinced that staying out of the Mac ecosystem was costing me a lot in terms of experiences and just joy in a sense. And I think I was right. I was in Budapest back then. So I flew to the UK because I knew I had to buy it from the Covent Garden Apple Store. And I went there, bought it. I was so happy. It was my most expensive Mac. Since back then I was making very little money. So probably a year worth of savings went into this Mac. I went home and opened the box. The Mac was so impressive for me. I put it back in the box and that's where it stayed for quite a while. The problem was that I couldn't afford the downtime of moving from Windows to Mac for work, All those fancy gestures and the shortcuts and everything that are now, of course, second nature to me back then they felt ugly and annoying.

I slowly started using it for Internet browsing. And about a year later, I couldn't go back to Windows anymore. So this became my primary laptop for pretty much everything. I bought the second MacBook in the end of 2017, five years after my first one, I was having a daily four hour long and painful commute from Princeton to Manhattan and back. That's with the NJ Transit. I often stood on a packed trembling train for an hour. After that, I sprinted from Penn station to Grand Central for half an hour. Not great times. I can tell you that. One day like this, I went to Grand Central Apple Store and bought this one. It felt so great. It would make my commute easier. It would help distract me since I could use it while standing on a train it's light, the smaller, but high resolution screen is awesome. And this material just feels great. I unpacked it and started using it immediately In 2021 during the lockdown, I bought a Mac Pro you know, the big one. That's because I wanted to edit videos faster. This MacBook was great for coding and browsing, but when it came to video editing, everything was sluggish and took ages. So that beast arrived. It was huge and heavy.

It needed space and a big screen too. So it stayed in the box for almost a year until the rest of my life was ready to support it. This is the new exercise it's called iMac. So you unpack, you pull up and then you pull it down and you lock it.

I think you can see a pattern here. The buying of a Mac and the starting using it for me often happens at quite different times. I think that I buy Macs, not for what I currently am, but for what I aspire to be. As with my habit of buying books, it's a commitment to things I believe are important, and I want to stick with them till I master them. So how is this fourth Mac different. First of all, I bought it just one year after the Mac Pro. That's too soon. Also, what do I hope to get out of this? My Macs were always saving me from something. The first one saved me from Windows. The second from the terrible commute. The third one from killing myself while editing videos. This one? This one is trying to be Mac Pro, but mobile. Maybe Macs turned to me to what Windows laptops used to be. Machines to just do something. Promising improvement rather than transformation. So let's open it and see how it feels this time. Okay. I have to tell you that now I am excited. So maybe their stupid, post envelope. That of course I understand why they don't want to show what's inside, but I think it was just, you know, I could forget it somewhere for months, but I don't think I could keep this box, you know, in a corner for a week.

Okay. I have to say it feels a bit more square because it is, it's a little bit lighter. I like the material. But Huh You know what? The old one feels more Pro than this Pro I can tell you that. I certainly love the keyboard and the fact that the stripe is missing. Okay. This looks good. Hello Okay. I certainly like the much larger screen. It feels way larger. And this little up there, the camera taking space from the screen, it's not annoying. So I guess the time comes while it downloads settings and everything to do the most important thing. Make lots of noise. Oh yeah. Make noise! A little bit funny that it starts asking for credit cards so quickly. Okay. It's not straightforward. You see like,

Probably I got used to them and yeah, I hope I will be impressed a lot when I run Final Cut Pro seeing the progress bar going like crazy left to right. Much faster. Ah, but certainly something has changed. I hope that like this geeky love at first sight thing. I hope that Apple glasses will do that for me, but this Mac, it doesn't do it right now.

As I have been editing this, I have been thinking, wow, actually every time I buy a Mac, it's an inflection point in my life. You see things go down and I enter this money saving mode, insane money saving mode. And then at some point I think I accept it and I say, let's start a new chapter. And this is when I buy a Mac. I go like, okay, let's buy a Mac and let's see what comes next. And this fourth one, even if it feels different, you never know. It can be the beginning of a new, recovery phase, a new phase where we are going to have growth. And if that's the case, bring it on! I welcome it. Thanks for watching.

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