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My 3 Tips if you're moving to the U.S.A. from the UK

A few days ago, I was thrilled to see two of my best friends from London join us in the U.S. The first days and weeks are so exciting and hard at the same time. The two cultures have a lot in common. About the same language, about the same movies. But if you scratch the surface they are very different. Won't even try to count the differences. I went through the process a few years ago, and I was wondering. What are the three welcome to America ideas I could give them to make the transition easier? Okay, let's do it.

Idea number one. Money. In Europe, we tend to value money and saving. In the U.S. Money is a happiness token. You can consume a dollar. People don't feel any guilt about doing so. Because spending makes you happy. You can save it, but that's considered stupid. A dollar saved is a wasted dollar. Saving doesn't make you happy, right? If you want to make a dollar, reach its full potential though, you have to gamble it! It's also called investment. But don't get confused. Investment money, for most people, isn't about saving and growth and safety. It's all about hope and winning. Because hope makes you happy and winning makes you happy. And in the U.S. money is all about happiness.

Idea number two. The only feeling is happiness. People are happy or aren't happy and that's about it. Of course they feel everything else, but most other feelings are kind of a taboo. When I say happy, I don't mean content. I mean excited. Now think about the word problem. A problem doesn't make you happy. But if you can't do something about it, it's even worse. It means that you have to be unhappy and there's nothing you can do about it. No way out. And that itself, isn't a happy thing. So if something doesn't have a solution in the U.S. it's not a problem. It's just an "I can understand what you are complaining about", before it becomes a, "oh, it is what it is". In Europe we like to discuss problems. It makes us feel good and connect with each other. In the U.S. you never do that. If you discuss a problem, it means that a solution exists and you are about to buy it, or you cannot afford it yet, but you are working on it. So we go back to idea number one, money. Money is the solution to every problem because every problem is a thing that has a solution and money buys solutions. And you have to have money because it's the land of opportunity. And if you don't, it means you are lazy. This is a well documented mindset, by the way. And it causes people, depression, and such. Bottom line. It's all about now. And it's all about happiness.

Finally, idea number three. This is way more practical, but beware of scams. The U.S. Is a massive market, mainly speaking English and Spanish. A robo-caller trying to scam people is a viable business model in the U.S. In Europe it wouldn't be profitable. There are many scams and they might look quite legitimate. It's not just Ponzi schemes. For example, your insurance company might be a scam and you won't find out till something terrible happens. Reviews are often fake. Tips and taxes not included in your bill. Just get used to it. Many products do not work, even though they are sold and marketed as working. I know that coming from London, you think that all this is "unacceptable". You will want a full refund and an apology. It's not like that here. We are all used to waste hundreds of dollars a month on things that we have bought, don't work, but we can't be bothered to follow up on. There's so much you can fit in your day and waiting on a phone line doesn't make you happy. So it's a problem. Just get over it. If you can afford it.

Guys, welcome to the U.S.! I know all this might sound gloomy, but that's because you are coming from London. In a bit you will love it and you will be very happy. It's really fun here!

Thanks for watching.

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