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October - Broken Products Make More Money

Indoor dining started. It was great, although it proved short-lived. Lots of work from the office, which is great. More videos and the last outdoor activities of the year, before it gets too cold. It turns out Manhattan is full of little art pieces for a reason I don't yet know. More videos, and as you can see, I now take them more seriously. I even bought some concealer to look better.

I've shot the "balance of democracy video." which required months-long of editing. I started using green screens, and I also took an SFX course using After Effects. After Effects is great, but it is a very time-consuming process. I cut the license and put it in the to-do for next year - maybe.

On October 28, I got seven years in one company. That's a first for me. Of course, it's 3.5 years in each of the two countries, which makes it more ok for my standards.

Also, NAS Academy makes me realize that something between 50 and 51% of my life is now done. It's not bad. It's a wake-up call—a wake-up call for action and change.

Ah - I also got a GoPro with 360 image shooting. I had one about four years ago, but they advanced so much. And it's basically mostly software. Well done to them.

This brings us to the dark side. You get a GoPro, and you would expect to be able to do something with it. No. What you get is the joy to find out what other components you're missing. With an express amazon delivery, you might get the chance in a few days to find out what else you're missing. A battery, a charger, a hand grip, a kit of mounts. You feel an idiot that you didn't buy the bundle, which wouldn't save you money but at least would save you a round of ordering stuff. By the time you feel you're ok, you realize that this camera shoots great 360. But has very average slow-mo and other features. Coincidentally, you realize, not that it's by any means connected, they also have Hero 9, with about the same price that has all the things the Max is missing. Their batteries are, of course, incompatible, so you need new batteries and chargers, and you need a Media Mod to use a microphone. By the way, you just also got a subscription that you're going to start paying in a year's time.

So you think this is an isolated incident, to find that the most popular video on YouTube on Doodly is the one explaining that you will pay a one-time fee, to get the privilege to pay more one-time fees. And that's exactly right, since even if you buy the Doodly and the upsell "enterprise version," you still are 1 out of 5 for the bundles you will likely need. Funny fact, a bit after the welcome letter, they tell you that while Doodly is awesome, many people now prefer their other product, Toonly. Same as with GoPro's? Now that you bought - buy another.

And let me not start with the mirrorless camera lenses, their incompatibilities, and the thousands of extra dollars you have to spend to get an already expensive camera to do its job.

I know that some people love all this mess because they think that "hey-I get to pay for only what I need". "Flexibility" and "every one is unique", and you will figure out what you need for your style of photography or videography or whatever. And to some extend, I feel this is right.

But it's gone too far, and it's all over. The Doodly and the GoPro guys and pretty much everyone else in the industry are putting energy and spend endless hours in research and development and engineering to break their products into unusable and incompatible pieces, whose sole purpose is to make you spend more. They put energy into making your life miserable. And you buy those products because they're overmarketed but also because there's no real alternative. Their competitors are both inferior and try to do the same.

I love the progress and the hard work and the quality of all those miracles of engineering. I truly do. But I would like more decency and more integrity from those companies. If you need more money, just raise your prices. But focus your precious and scarce engineering talent on creating features that serve us, your customers. That's the way it was supposed to be, right?

And that's October - Indoor dining, SFX and Broken Products Make More Money

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