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Stuck in Traffic for a Raspberry Pi 4

Okay guys, let's go get raspberry PI 4. This will take about one hour of driving half hour, one way. So you might be asking why not just order one from Amazon? The, the answer is because there is none.

This is the first day of the year where you have to turn your AC on at the car. It's so nice at last I regret I didn't get my sunglasses. I had many raspberry pies in the past. Uh, I think version two and version three. I never got to version four though, but Rasberry was always about the price. So you were expecting it to be around, uh, 35, $50, something like that. So, uh, a very low price accessible. So you can even, you know, put butter on the wrong side and burn it and it wouldn't be a disaster. Uh, but you know, right now on Amazon, I see prices like 180 and you can't find really many alternatives and the delivery times are also weeks. And this is totally weird, I guess that it is because of the supply chain disruption. But I found one shop in Brooklyn that has them and they cost around $110. So yes, I will spend the time to drive there. Let's do it. Oh my God. I'm going to be on the other side of this street when I will be coming back. Uh, there is some traffic, uh, okay. Traffic. Okay. So almost there

This is a totally new area for me. I like it. Okay. Here we are. Okay. I got it. So this place is amazing. It reminds me, you know, those hardware shops where you were creating computers, uh, with parts. When that was a thing, my God, it's a nostalgia thing. I really miss those days putting the graphics scars and the hard cone and reminds me when I was a kid. Okay. I hope I didn't get a parking ticket. Yeah, it was just a minute. See, it took 25 minutes to get here in order to go back 46 minutes. Oh gosh. Okay. Let's do it. Wow. So this is third avenue and it's just below the highway. So the GPS is obviously confused. It's crazy. It has been like 10 minutes now and still, it cannot figure out that I am under this highway. Things that I'm on the highway and it tells me to go on exits. And I think that under the highway is much better than on the highways. Seems like the highway is totally jumped, but we are moving just fine. Kind of crazy. Right. That this thing structure towards the entire highway on it.

Okay. It's been a roller, they crazy traffic. Okay. Let's push a little bit. Yeah. Green light Going against the stream And back the leg out.

Okay. There was a guy in a red car who just went on the wrong side and skipped the traffic. And now police is chasing him. I mean, this traffic like triple mad Took one and the half hour. Oh my God. Okay.

So here's the question. Was it worth doing all this? Uh, the answer is financially 100%. So I guess first of all, yeah. Uh, same price on Amazon. Probably I would pay some taxes, but certainly not worth driving and risking actually a single scratch in the car out of accident or something. Like, I think it's never worth to drive for, for buying something. If you can buy it on Amazon, forget about it. And all the time. Of course it took, um, yeah, not a good idea. So Amazon, yeah, buy, but on, uh, the other hand, um, if you want something delivered now, this actually pretty much the only reason right now, I, uh, you know, getting the subway to go buy, buy something. Um, it's just in instant. So basically all the various companies there, they're selling you the fact that they have it on stock and immediately available.

Also, it was pretty interesting goal this, uh, craziness with the, uh, traffic trying to save five minutes here, there it's a jungle really, and people are doing crazy things. And I, it makes me wonder how many times Google really actually creates the traffic because it drives all the people, uh, in the same direction, although, uh, they could find alternative paths. Um, and you can see these in places, uh, like Brooklyn, that the traffic changes very rapidly, uh, because there is an accident or something, and really Google ends up making things worse than people trusting their senses and, uh, you know, trying to find the best route they can. Now beyond that, uh, raspberry pie, I love this, uh, as, as lovely as always. And, uh, it looks really sleek. Uh, I can see this 64 bit core over there and two H DMI output, which is certainly super cool.

And so USBs USB three USB, two internet, uh, like it's so incredible that you can have a computer like that. Two gigabytes around here and the CPU, uh, with $110. Um, it's, it's a miracle of technology and I'm happy. I used to work for this company that creates shapes. You can see there is no graphics card, really just the CPU. And, uh, it means that it has all the other things integrated in there. Uh, maybe there are some USB hardware here, but pretty much everything takes place in the brain, in a single CPU. Also impressive, all the wifi and blue they can put in there. And yeah, all I need is to put a Linux operating system in the ND card. And yeah, this will be, I can't wait. Uh, now it's going to be much better than the previews, uh, raspberry pie. Yeah. I expect it to be way faster, uh, because of the 64 bit. Uh, and yeah, so excited. Good. So thanks a lot for watching and see you soon.

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