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The 3 Reasons It's Cool to Work for Bloomberg


So today I'm going to tell you the three main reasons I found it very cool to work for Bloomberg. In October. I quit my job. So after eight years I stopped working for Bloomberg. And of course that means that there are some things that I don't like about Bloomberg, but I will not talk about those things today. Today, I'm going to talk about the things I liked while working there. I think this is good because I'm not a recruiter, so I don't need to convince you about anything. I'm just going to try to be as objective as I can. It's up to you to see if those things are important for you or not. The first reason is of course the buildings, there are three offices of Bloomberg, in New York, and one in London. The one I like most is of course, 731 Lex.

Okay, guys, this is, 731 Lex. You can't imagine how great are the views from up there. Actually, you can ask a friend of yours that works there to take you there. You will just be amazed from the view. The second most impressive for me is of course, London, which is like insane. It's it's a huge building, very modern, beautiful location. Incredible.

And then there are another two buildings, one in 120 park and the other one is 919. It's pretty close. This over There is 919 and it's another building I used to spend, lots of my time. And in general, you can have a crazy New Yorker life if you work in one of those buildings, like all the restaurants around and all the activities you can do just crazy.

And the offices kind of represent something. So they're not exactly this digital campus alternative thing that other technology companies have. These are kind of the old-money style of glamour and media. And yeah, it's pretty amazing.

And this brings us to the second reason. Most people have kind of a positive idea for Bloomberg and the people who work there, which is good. Actually more people recognize that because of the media company. So everybody thinks that you work for a different thing. Some of them believe that you work for a finance company, some of them for a media company for the channel. And some of them actually... I remember one time I was in the airport, I was trying to pass the borders and the guy tells me, oh, you work for Bloomberg, go and tell him to leave my Cola drinks as they are just don't touch them. And it was back then when Bloomberg himself, was a mayor and he was trying to put a tax on the sugar level. So some people will even believe that you work for Bloomberg himself, which yeah, it's unlikely to be the case but anyway.

And this brings us to reason number three. Actually, it's this trade-off between technology and finance. So in terms of technology... This means that finance has very outdated, slow, you know, very sluggish technology, but also quite reliable. On the other hand, a tech company has always the latest and the greatest and experimenting, but even unstable, sometimes things. So Bloomberg is somewhere in the middle, which is a good thing because it gives you flexibility to go from one side to the other, without actually changing company. In within the company, you can do so many different things. So you can even do web stuff or you can do traditional C++ stuff. And I think that's a nice thing. You don't find it very often. Exactly because of that range, you will find many cool people there with every definition of cool. So some other companies might have a very specific type of people they attract.

So Bloomberg has a very wide range of people from very conservative in terms of technology people to even kids that are now starting and only know some web technologies. So you will find pretty much everyone you like in there. And actually it's a quite flat company, which might be a good or bad thing - it depends on how you see things. But for example, when I wanted to move from London to the US in New York, they didn't tell me anything about seniority or anything like that. It was just, okay, you move to New York tomorrow basically. To summarize, would I do it again? Was worth my time. It was absolutely worth my time. I had eight beautiful years there and I did so many things really took me from one place to another, both physically and in terms of the things I know and the experiences I had. So it was eight wonderful years. I hope you find this information useful for your research and, you know, balance the pros and cons and see what you feel. Wish you good luck!

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