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What every YouTuber Got Wrong About Succession

If you are anything like me, it seems like YouTube decided to put its entire brainwashing power to convince you that succession was a great Shakespearean masterpiece. Okay, it was a masterpiece in many aspects, including great cinematography and amazing actors. Video after video, I keep hearing the same thing. That the two most key phrases in the whole series is. You're not serious people,

But you are not serious people.

And we are all BS.

Hey, we are BS. We are BS. You are, BS man. I'm f*cking BS.

I also hear all those ideas about what the water means, what the sun means, and everything else.

The most evident meaning of Kendall's use of water is his attempt to atone for his past transgressions. I'm

Water, I flow

Every YouTuber out there also seems to agree in one thing. That the children, the little Roys are incompetent. And then you hear all those words about nepotism. The

Roys are products of nepotism at the highest order

And entitlement. And really, I totally disagree on that. I feel that this hate towards the children is so much out of jealousy and it's a total non-compassionate way to see those children. This then reflects to everyone else and of course ourselves, right? So judging those children so critically I think reflects to us. Because I have to ask you little YouTuber that you don't even get your face out there, right? Just hiding behind the microphone. So if you were one of those kids, would you do any better? Could you do any better? I mean, many of you YouTubers I think would be very glad to be middle manager somewhere and all the Roy children would be great middle managers. They were just dressing, going to the meeting saying the things they need to say and also bringing their own angle to the table. They had their own ethics and lines they wouldn't cross. In contrast to Tom, for example, who had absolutely no ethics. And this is how he ended up being the little CEO. Little insignificant CEO actually. So what do you believe that you would have done better? One of the best summaries that I almost agree I have found is this one.

But the core message of succession was that those who are born at the finish line cannot understand what it takes to compete against those who are racing to get there.

So the claim there is that little Roys started at the finishing line. But did they? What was the game they were supposed to play? So if we see what succession really is about, it's about one person.

So this combination of no central character, no sympathetic character, no relatable character,

They say it doesn't have a central character, but it absolutely has. And that's Logan Roy. Logan Roy is a complete failure because he lives his life nicely, like there is no tomorrow. And one day he realizes he will die and then he goes like, Oh, shit! I have to take care of the succession of this company. Now, what he has created through the years is something that we see a lot in the business world. A company that is perfectly tailored around his strengths and weaknesses. It's staffed with weak people, insecure. All of them have daddy issues and enjoy how Logan abuses them. Each one of them has their own sticks and carrots and they try to drive the company in order to prove that they're worth something. If you attend any MBA program, they will tell you this is not how you should do it. A company has to have a system that works even if you are not there. So when one day Logan wakes up and says, oh, probably I will die, he just creates another game. I

Think it's time to play the

Game. Makes the children compete and he even brings some external competition, the form of Matsson. And yeah, it all falls apart, but it makes it seem like if it's everybody else's problem. And he doesn't even accept the responsibility for the problem that he created and the fact that he did nothing to take care of the succession of this company. I think the game they're called to play is being Logan Roy. Abused and abusive, exactly in the way he is, and neither me nor his children, but not even Matsson is really at the finishing line in this game. Thank God. And actually the best candidate to do that was Ken,

As if you think about it, what has Kendall ever done to prove he can truly lead?

He was the only one who was interested in this game at the beginning. His father could not even make him do this job. The job of being as incompetent as Logan was,

Fuck the patriarchy

By the way. Find me one thing that Logan or Matsson do well by themselves. All they do is make other people compete and other people solve the problems for them in some way that is by no means optimal. And, in the process, they just leave dead bodies around. This is not good, right?

History is littered with Marquis who were only remembered by their servants,

Both Logan and Matsson are as weak and as compromised as everybody else in this movie. So yeah, Logan should just say, Hey, this is my son. He's the king now. Now you ask for his permission for everything and you try to win his approval and that's it. Ken could do that. It was so easy. Your

Whole business model is is based on seducing presidents. You're a really high class hooker, no offense.

It was important for him, the company to be around family because he named it Royco. So it was about the Roy family.

Logan exemplifies the portrait of an abusive father, someone who should be fulfilling the role of a caregiver, who instead wields that authority to serve their own needs and satisfy their ego.

All you have to do as a father figure is to say, this is my son and disappear. And Logan couldn't even do that.

Those who are handed everything through nepotism will ultimately fall to those who have risen up through meritocracy.

Now, the idea that Logan and Matsson are somewhat more capable and what won at the end is meritocracy. It's very annoying to think that way. Very damaging to call Logan and Matsson capable and call this thing meritocracy. And I would strongly suggest to everybody who believes that to read this book, the Meritocracy Trap. Because such a belief is so untrue and so damaging, so not empowering, that really doesn't help. And it seems like Americans have a lot of it.

Because Logan became such a giant success story. He attributes a lot of his success to this abuse.

Both Logan and Matsson were in the right place at the right moment. They didn't have to play stupid qualification games. They were themselves. They were born good fit for their timing and their environment. They did random stuff. Lots of mistakes, many more than what Ken did with his acquisition. And somehow they were lucky enough many times in a row, and this is how they became what they are. Somebody will roll the dice 10 times and 10 times they will bring heads or tails and they will win. You can see those people are both failures, both Logan and Matsson. But still they are heads of their enterprises because somebody had to be there. So you just reverse the causality and you say it's the company that creates the leader. Instead of saying the leader creates the company. And then the world seems like an empowering place instead of a place where you have to be as corrupt as Logan Roy in order to have a successful enterprise.

Life is nothing but a competition to be the criminal rather than the victim.

So I hope you find this video useful. Thanks for watching.

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