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Worldcoin Retina scan and Orb-Verification (Worldcoin/WLD Tutorial)

I couldn't sleep a couple of days ago, so I checked the Bitcoin prices and they're down. So I'm trying to find out what's going on and I end up looking at this article, Bitcoin drops to 29,000 and Sam Altman launches Worldcoin/WLD. So I'm like, are those two connected? Did worldcoin cause the Bitcoin to go down and what's worldcoin? So I Google it and then I remember it's that controversial coin that is somehow related to universal basic income and requires a retina scan. I know that the best thing for me to understand something is to try it. So let's do it. Hello. And welcoming in this three part series on worldcoin. This is part one. Retina scan and Orb verified. Okay, so they launched and oh, here it is. They have an app. Let's see what it does. Okay, it has some stars.

Let's install it. Now this is annoying. The first thing the app asks for is my mobile number. That's not good for a crypto related app, but let's move on. Okay. Some kind of password for iCloud. Okay. Okay. Okay. So this is pretty much what the app looks like. It says something about me being phone verified but not biometrics verified. It looks a little bit like an ID card of some kind. It tries to look credible. Okay. And pretty much the only thing you can do in this app is to find a place to do a retina scan near you. Okay. Let's see. The brass factory. Okay, this looks nearby. Let's book an appointment for tomorrow. Actually in about six hours time. When I woke up the day after I was ready for the adventure. Okay guys, let's go verify that we are humans. Okay, that's the place. Brass Factory. Okay, let's get our apps ready. Okay. The Brass Factory is a coworking center and I had to wait a little bit because I was the first guy to get scanned in that day, so they had to set up the Orb and everything. Okay. So this Orb thing is somewhat heavy. It's a real thing. It looks like a great device. I can see that they spent quite a bit of time designing and manufacturing This one.

So you have your phone, so I'm gonna click this, bring up the app.

Okay. So the first thing to do was go back in the app and click that I'm with an Orb and I want to get a new World ID. First some disclaimers, then a QR code, of course. Cool. Let's

Do it. So I click here and then you're gonna show it to this.

Are you ready? Yep. I'm a human and the guy there helped me a lot by holding the Orb.

Okay. And then I'm gonna hold it up and just perfect. Right there is good.

And you could see some kind of progress bar while it was scanning.

Okay. And then, it's gonna be gonna fill up that. Just click through that. Just keep clicking. Cool. So at this point it's taking the picture, it's turning it into an iris hash and then submitting it to the database to see if it is unique. And then if it is already there, then it won't allow it, but if it's not already there, then it will, put it into the database and you'll be verified. Wow.

I think I'm human.

So far so good. So that's, yeah, it just says that sometimes, but it's actually successful. Yeah. Verified. So happy to be human Yeah, it's nice to, it's like, you know, you're pretty sure. But it's good to confirm.

Amazing. Okay. So I said by and I left the place. Okay. I have to say at a human level, I just felt very happy to see people again. I saw those people in this coworking center and they were going having lunch. So much miss meeting people after all. Especially geeks, you know. Okay. Back home. This process was easy and free and pleasant and yeah, it was lots of fun. And it turned my proof of personhood card from white to black. It now says here, Orb verified, but the question remains, what can I do with this? We'll see that in part two. Thanks for watching.

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